Always time to lend a hand

This morning I stopped at a store on my way in to work. I was already late and in a rush. I heard a man say to the cashier, as he is limping out, now I need to go home and take care of this hip.

Lord I don’t have time right now for this. I’m late. Make time He replied.

So what is wrong with your hip? Arthritis and I am in a lot of pain this morning. Has anyone ever prayed over you for it? My mother. Can I pray over you now? Sure. I lay hands and 30 seconds later tell him to walk around. The limp was now gone and he kept repeating oh my God! OH MY GOD! Pain all gone? A little left. Okay let’s hit it again. Now he is lifting his legs high like he is marching. He is over joyed and the look on his face was priceless. Wait till I go home and tell my wife. Praise God I replied. The cashier is beside herself and as she hands me my change you can tell it has touched her heart too. As we both walked out of the store he turned to me with this spooked look on his face and said hey you aren’t some kind of a spirit are you? Do you know what I mean? Those kinds of spirits? I laughed and said no, just a human like you that God works through.

As I got into my car I said Lord I don’t want to hear a word out of you right now because you know I do not have time to explain the Holy Spirit issue to him. 🙂

I love that we are HIS spirit here to do his work! our work! it made my day. It is funny how often lately God will put strangers in my path that will just announce their pain or sickness out loud in front of me. Most of the time they are muttering to themselves. Lord you sure are making it easy for me to help people. Just help me get over myself and my insecurities so I never let another one pass by me. Your people are crying out to  see the manifestation of your power! Thank you for giving me your spirit so I can help change hearts and open eyes to your goodness and mercy!

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